About us

Welcome to Synced Ventures and let us introduce ourselves!


Dreams aren’t built in the future, they are built on the action we take today, and the action we took yesterday. We at Synced Ventures provide outstanding and continual support to today’s visionaries so they can become tomorrow’s idols.


We are a holding/seed-fund company based in Munich/Germany. With an experience of over 20 years, our team members have contributed to some of the most forward thinking, innovative, and revolutionary ideas brought to our table.


Our team of experts has been providing businesses with the arsenal of knowledge, direction, and a matrix of industry contacts that are usually inaccessible without the partnership of a holding company to afford them these perks.



No Seed Is Planted Too Early!


Do you look at an apple seed and see an apple seed? Or do you look at an apple seed and see an apple tree?


At Synced Ventures, we see the latter. It is never too early to approach us with your idea and business plan. We are accessible and ready to listen to all passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs in any industry. We can offer exceptional guidance to help us partner up in the future and make dynamic, exciting, and positive changes to the business world and beyond.


So, if you are reading this with a gem of an idea you are keeping to yourself because you do not know where to turn, then do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today.



The Early Days


As a business, we strive to help people by supporting their ambitious and landscape-changing ideas in a range of different fields. We want to invest in people who have the drive to succeed and shape the future of their areas of expertise.


Sometimes, having the work ethic and a genius idea is not enough, and you need an injection of cash flow to get your business off the ground. That is why we are here; to give opportunity to those that deserve it the most by providing the financial stepping stone to helping their ideas flourish.


Yet, we do not just provide financial help to budding entrepreneurs. We also provide strategic advice and business portfolio development to help prepare your business plan and accommodate the current business environments. Whatever your issue, one of our team will always be on hand so we can overcome challenges together and continually improve because of these obstacles.



Continued Support


After cementing our partnership and getting your business at the table, we will continue to provide you with exceptional support and engagement to develop your skills and your business’s growth and potential.


We remain a stable part of your business and a go-to outlet when you need further advice and guidance. We can connect you with the right people due to our large network of influencers and experts.


You may not even be a new startup or a relatively new operation to seek our visionary expertise and support. We also help established business who have hit a hiatus or a bit of a rough patch and need fresh eyes and ideas to renovate their business and give it somewhat of a rebirth. If your business is slowing down or even regressing, but think your ideas and direction just needs an extra push, then we also want to hear from you.



Who and Where do we Support?


We do not discriminate against anybody from any background in any location. As long as you have a bright idea, a solid business direction, and the commitment to our partnership together, then we will welcome your call.


Our most successful candidates have a unique idea that has the potential to make a significant difference to an area of the (business) world. Just as important, our best candidates are not afraid to take a risk on their passion and their ideas by showcasing their talents or product. We want you to open our eyes and make our jaws drop by providing an opportunity for us to work together and create a new and exciting movement within your field.



So, That’s Us, What About You?


We hope we made a great first impression and answered any of the questions you may have about who we are and the type of support we can provide. Now we would like to more about you!


If you have an apple seed or an orchard, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today and let us discuss your ideas, add some food for thought or some financial backing, and get to your business blossoming fast.